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Favorite Macromedia Flash Files
All Your Base Are Belong To Us (1)  [1677684 bytes]
All Your Base Are Belong To Us (2)  [1268846 bytes]
The 20000 Zig (another AYB)  [1123322 bytes]
Zero Wing Rhapsody  [2325564 bytes]
Gangsta Star Wars  [1674962 bytes]
Pong  [156678 bytes]
Southpark Character Studio  [152059 bytes]
Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay  [370114 bytes]
Stick Man Fight #3  [1413529 bytes]
Stick Man #4  (Space=Reload)  [2023776 bytes]
Stick Man Fight #5  [443244 bytes]
Stick Man Fight #6  (Space=Hit)  [314489 bytes]
Stick Man Fight #7 (Part 1)  [861322 bytes]
Stick Man Fight #8 (Part 2)  [2271062 bytes]
Stick Man Fight #9 (NEW)  [668149 bytes]
Will The Real Saddam Please Stand Up  [1009866 bytes]
Penguin Clobber  (FUN! Record=593.5)  [315392 bytes]
Road Blocks  (Difficult)  [87057 bytes]
Grid Game  (Record=1892)  [14016 bytes]
The Egg Game  (Space=Launch Egg)  [89384 bytes]
ShutUpWomanAndGetOnMyHorse  [2109064 bytes]
Super Space RPG 2009   [5261298 bytes]
My Favorite Websites
'All Your Base' Explained
Jinx (Buy Cool Things Here)
The Register
Opera - The Best Browser
Take the ADHD Test
News Of The Weird
The Hamster Dance
I Couldn't Resist
The Search For ET (SETI)

The Star Wars Kid

Long Story Short: Young man borrows school video camera and films himself doing Jedi moves. He later returns it to school but forgets to erase the tape. Classmates find it later and post it to the internet. The link to the original video is below. Approximately 2 weeks later, the 2 remix videos surfaced. Sound is a must for 'Remix Video 2'.
  Original Star Wars Kid Video
  Remix Video 1
  Remix Video 2

Fun Stuff (The emulators require iexplore, an exception for in java settings)
  Play Ms. Pacman
  Play Scramble
  Play Donkey Kong
  Play 1943
  View Star Wars in ASCII